Socially responsible company

“Kraustymo komanda” (“Moving team”) – is an experienced (2931 local and 931 international moves till 2021.01.01), ambitious, professionally and effectively, also, fairly working moving company which is always ready to ease your moving process. Fast, reliable and quality moving services for You!

Socially responsible company

„Kraustymo komanda“ UAB was established with an intention to be a model company which always pays taxes, operates its activities in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, respects its employees and welcomes all its clients. Since the beginning of company’s activity we wanted to show that it is possible to operate with the utmost degree of transparency, to work honestly and still make money. We are glad we have succeeded to prove this and achieve our goals. Here are some examples revealing that we really try to do our best:

1) In 2014 and 2015  „Kraustymo komanda“ again showed the highest reliability rates, thus we were awarded “The Strongest in Lithuania in 2014 (2015)” and “The Strongest Managers in Lithuania in 2014 (2015)” Certificates. From the first date of the company establishment we have paid all state taxes and have always tried to settle with suppliers in time and never cheat our employees. Such attitude has answered the purpose very quickly. The most evident proof is an annual increase in the number of customers. We are stable, strong, reliable and responsible, but most important that we are not afraid to show it. For more information on the Certificates please visit www.creditinfo.lt .  

2) In September 2014 we joined the initiative group “Pagalba Ukrainos kariams” (Help for Ukrainian Soldiers) and contributed to the transportation of the first aid shipment collected by Lithuanians to Ukraine. We collected the aid packages (food, clothes, accoutrements and miscellaneous items) from Lithuanian towns and delivered them to SARMAT battalion soldiers. By doing this we wanted to show that we can help our neighbours by contributing as much as we can. Please visit our photo Gallery  column “Leisure time :)” to see the photos.

3) For several years we have been supporting Sports Games of Lithuanians living in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands held in Brussels. In addition to financial support we also help to organize sports events. Moreover, our representatives volunteer in the event, compete with others and etc. Please visit our photo Gallery  column “Leisure time :)” to see the sports moments.

4) Wishing to express our thankfulness to the city where our business has started – i.e. Šiauliai, in 2012 we organized the project “Čia mano kiemas”  (This is my yard) which aimed  to update as many as possible sports courts in Šiauliai city, to contribute to children and youth’s employment and promote their active lifestyle. Thanks to our organizational activities and support as well as support provided by many other sponsors we have updated 30 basketball backboard systems. Further information about this idea and project you can find on www.ciamanokiemas.lt  or on FACEBOOK   page. 

5) It often happens that our clients have pieces of furniture and household appliances of rather good quality but for a variety of reasons these things are no longer necessary to them. In this case we pick up these items to our warehouse and later give them to students, young families or other people who really need them. So if you have some good but unnecessary furniture or you really need something, please contact us and we will try to help you.