Moving advices

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Moving advices


We also offer to use professional inventory and equipment. Strong boxes, bubble wrap, tight packing tape and stretch wrap is always useful  in packing things.

Packing boxes should be very strong. The boxes from vegetables, which you may bring from the shop is not used for packing. The different size boxes from corrugate paper will protect your expensive things from breaking or any other damage.

The stretch wrap should also be very strong, so it would ensure the steady packing and transportation of your household things.

Bubble wrap is very useful when packing dinner set or fine china. A lit bit of bubble wrap and your china will reach the new place undamaged.

The moving pads are useful to protect all furniture or any other things from breaking, scratches or other damage during the transportation. We use the strongest pads to ensure the safety of your property. 

Packing tips

If you plan to pack your things yourself, try to follow these rules:

  • Pack one room after another, but not all at once. Mark every packed box, naming its content and the place in the house/apartment (example: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, e.t.c.). Try to name the content, so it would be easier to unpack. 
  • Try not to overweight the boxes, regarding your physical possibilities. If possible put heavy things in separate small boxes, so it woulb be easier to lift and carry.
  • Never put tape directly on polished or wooden surfaces. You may damage things when removing the tape.
  • Pack fragile things into double boxes and put sufficient amount of bumpers.

What you may need the first day and night:

When everything is packed and ready for transportation, make sure, that things, which you might need least are moved to the van firstly. This is very simple but important and smart advice. Boxes with fragile dinner set or fine china set should be put on top of the boxes with book, but not vice versa.

Get ready for the first night at your new home by packing important things into separate box or bag, which you will carry with you. You will probably want to eat something, so put some snacks or sandwitches for the first night. We guarantee, that you will ger hungry during moving and you will be too tired to go to the restaurant.

Make sure that you have: the second set of clothes, a towel, medicine if you drink any, toothbrush and toothpaste or other personal things. You may also need plastic fork, knife, plate or cup, toilet paper, rubish bags, projector, first aid set (or at least the medicine from pain), pencil and paper, snacks, drinks and plastic bags. 

If you follow these basic rules your moving process will be much easier and much more comfortable.