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    Do you provide services only in Lithuania?
    No, international moving services take the greatest part of our moving services provided. 
    How is the cost of moving services calculated?
    The moving cost for the works in Lithuania can be calculated in the following two ways:
    according to a pre-agreed estimates;
     on actual time spent (calculated by 15- minute periods), mileage and used packaging materials;
    International Moving cost is calculated according to a pre-agreed estimate.
    Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?
    Yes. Both payment methods- by cash after the work done and by bank transfer are possible. If you want to pay in cash – after completion of the moving works the supervisor will issue Performance certificate (of executed works) and a cash receipt. If you want to pay by bank transfer – the invoice shall be issued on the grounds of the Performance Certificate signed by you and the manager and handed to you no later than the next business day after carried out moving works. 
    Do you have a closed box truck?
    Yes. All our trucks/vans are closed box trucks/vans which are specially adapted for moving (they have belt anchorages, paddings, elevator, wooden floor and etc.) 
    Do you perform services out of town?
    Yes, we do. We work not only in Vilnius but in all Lithuania and Europe, too. In the countries where we are not able to go ourselves we arrange the delivery of your belongings through our partners.
    What is the pre-booking period of your services?
    It depends on the season. The peak of moving works is in June-September, thus during this period we recommend to place orders for local and international moving as early as possible. We recommend to place orders for international moving at least two weeks prior and local – 3-5 days prior.
    However, we understand the needs of customers and, if necessary, even international movings may be performed within 1-2 working days.
    Is there a minimum time of the service to be booked?
    Yes. Minimum working time is 2 hours. 
    How many people are on your team?
    The number of movers depends on the scope of the moving work. It can range from 1 to 20 people for one move. 
    Won’t my belongings get scratched as it happened the last time when moving with other movers?
    No. When using “Kraustymo komanda” moving services your furniture will be packed to special felt-like soft plaids and your personal belongings – in carboard boxes. In such a way your belongings and the room walls or floor will be protected from damage. 
    Do you have any insurance cover?
    Yes. Since company incorporation all the services of “Kraustymo komanda” UAB have been under civil liability insurance. We are glad that we have never had the necessity to use it… 

    Contact persons

    Mob. tel.: +370 618 77400 
    Email:  martynas@kraustymokomanda.lt  

    Name, surname: Martynas Vidžiūnas.
    Age: 37.
    Position: Director, company co-owner.
    Experience in moving business: in 2003-2004 practice in the USA, own business in Lithuania since 2006.
    Nature of work: communication with customers, company management, moving.
    Hobbies: sports, cars, travelling, hiking, mountains.

    Comment: I love the challenges and novelties in life.  Having eight years experience in my own business I am really glad that I get all this from my work. It’s nice to meet new customers every day and to do my best in finding the best solutions for them. We even become good friends with some of the costumers! It’s a pleasure to work with colleagues who have been working together since the very first day of our company’s activity.

    Please contact me when you encounter the need for moving services, want to praise or complain about our movers, or maybe you have any suggestions or just want a piece of advice. 

    Mob. tel.: +370 612 77600
    Email:  marius@kraustymokomanda.lt

    Name, surname: Marius Mickus.
    Age: 35.
    Position: Head of branch in Vilnius/Belgium, company co-owner.
    Experience in moving business:  own business in Lithuania since 2006.
    Nature of work: communication with customers, organization of moving activities, estimate calculation and moving.
    Hobbies: cars, music, modern technologies.
    Comment: Every moving is an extraordinary event in life of our customers, thus my responsibility is to take care of every aspect of your move to make the moving process as smooth and enjoyable as possible and leave only the best memories to both our customers and the company. Good customer feedback is our company’s internal engine that leads us forward.

    I am always ready to answer your letters, calculate accurate estimates and to take care of a full-service moving!

    If You are young, ambitious, physically strong and tough, You wish to gain more experience or You have ambitions to become a leader, then You perfectly suit our needs.